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Celestron Telescopes

Image below is a “German-Equatorial Mount” telescope.  We recommend it for those who want a GPS link-up and / or for those who want to track the stars (stellar objects) most accurately; those who are serious into astrophotography.

CGE Telescope

When you enter the telescope sales page, click on telescope or any other item you are looking for in the header or just type in their search bar for a list of items to peruse through and select.

Unistellar Telescopes

Unistellar telescopes and powerful camera scopes that will surely blow your mind, and weigh in at only around 20 pounds !  We’ve used the one shown below and produced the amazing images at bottom of this page in the Stellar Gallery of Stars section.

Additional Telescopes

Image below is a fork-mounted telescope.  We recommend it for anyone who wants a quick set up with a GPS link-up to travel the universe at the push of a button.  GREAT for observations of the stars and beyond !

CPC Telescope

There are many good brands to choose from.  Feel free to contact me with an email question if you need any advice.  Contact Form.

Stellar Gallery of Stars

Below are mind blowing images we have taken with our telescopes at our star shows!

Omega Star Cluster
Whirlpool Galaxy Merger
Sombrero Galaxy
Lagoon Nebula
Irregular Galaxy
Sagittarius Star Cloud
Corporate Star Party
Star Explorers

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Reaching for the Maui Fishhook
Reaching for the Maui Fishhook

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Reaching for the Maui Fishhook
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