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Hawaii Star Lines

Ever wonder how in the world people make out constellations when it is so hard to see the stars with all the light pollution nowadays, especially in the cities. Well, wonder no more!

Hawaii Star Lines is a digital immediately downloadable e-book that enables you to see the stars as seen in Hawaii from anywhere in the world you may live at. How, you ask?

Hawaii Star Lines focuses on the brightest stars in the evening sky, which means even in the cities you can see and learn the star patterns. In English, with Hawaiian names as a bonus as well.

Hawaii Star Lines is an all encompassing book that covers all four seasons of the year, and as an added bonus from its sister seasonal booklets, also includes bonus images and tables, as well as stories of Hawaiian legends, as related to the discovery of Hawaii and Hawaii demi-gods like Maui. Star navigation is also addressed, such as the Hawaii star compass and how to use the setting and rising of the stars to know where you are located on the Earth, when no other “sign-posts” are around to know otherwise (i.e., like being on a canoe in the middle of the Pacific ocean; imagine that!).

Stargazing romance at it best !

Star Line Booklets and Books

Hawaii Star Lines and its booklets are the result of the demand from thousands of guests who have attended and continue to attend the Stars Above Hawaii star show program.  These folks just like you from all over the world have expressed interest to see these same Hawaii stars, regardless of where they live throughout the world, and to understand their star line meanings and some astronomy facts about them.  This is for you!

All the information from the book (and its booklets) has been compiled from a lifetime of studying astronomy, and over a decade of research on Hawaii star lines and Polynesian star voyaging; as well as from over a decade performing thousands of star shows for thousands of people of all ages from all over the world.  The resources at the end of the Hawaii Star Lines book will guide those readers who may seek further in-depth research on their own. Cost of the book/booklets is based on the extensive efforts involved in consolidating all the information into a user friendly understandable way for all to enjoy.  Mahalo and Aloha !

Starbooks: Stargaze from the Moon to the Stars