Romance Under the Stars Above Hawaii
Every Evening at the Ko Olina Resort
Polynesian Wayfinding / Hawaii Stars

Four Seasons Oahu

Star Shows Open to the Public. Every Tuesday & Friday.

Marriott Beach Club

Star Shows Open to the Public. Every Monday.

Disney Aulani

Star Shows In-House Guests. Every Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

Romantic Couples

Adults and Friends

Celebrating 10 Years !

Stars Above Hawaii is celebrating over 10 years exploring the universe with star explorers like you from all over the world. Together, we have taken over 25,000 people through time and space into the galaxy and beyond; defying gravity and turning back the aging process to stay forever young! Join us to boldly go where few have gone before. . . .

Ohana and Keiki


Stars Above Hawaii – Ko Olina Resort

Stars Above Hawaii is recognized around the world as Hawaii’s Gateway to the Stars for Evening Entertainment. We are located in the Ko Olina Resort on the Island of Oahu. The star shows are provided to people of all ages from all over the world, and held at the various Ko Olina hotels and timeshares.

World-class professional star shows take place every evening by reservation.  Star shows highlight Polynesian star navigation, Hawaii star lines, and the latest NASA discoveries throughout the universe.  Private star show events are also available throughout Hawaii by request.

Star shows hosted by NASA Ambassador,
Astronomer Greg McCartney

Star Show Videos and Pictures

Parking in cul-de-sac outdoor parking lot
fronting the lagoons is currently FREE

At Stars Above Hawaii you may take that mini-vacation into space exploration that you have always wanted to do as a child.  Romance under the stars with your loved one and surround yourself with diamond stars that last “forever!” Join us, as we explore the mysteries of the universe, seeing the unseen, as you have never seen it before.

At Stars Above Hawaii YOU are the star explorer. Best of all, you will utilize very large computerized GPS telescopes capable of seeing millions of lightyears back in time! Reserve now and don’t get left light-years behind!

1-Hour Star Shows Daily

The Four Seasons Star Show is open to the public every Tuesday and Friday, and parking is free. As such, this is a great offering for all.

The Marriott Star Show is open to the public every Monday, however, there is a fee to park at Marriott; but there is free parking in beach cul-de-sac,  View here for parking details.

The Aulani Star Show is open every Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, but only to Aulani-in-house guests. Contact Aulani directly at 808.674.6930 if staying there to reserve right away, because the star shows here sell out fast.

Select Purchase Tickets or the BOOK NOW buttons at the top of this page to make your reservations today. Space is limited; hence, best to sign up early.

Military and kama’aina discounts are available by request for online reservations. Call us at 808.291.2464 for details prior to booking.

Star Explorers!

Polynesian Star Voyaging!

Thank You Notes !

Hawaii Stars!

Seeing the Unseen!


Spectacular. Truly amazing! Just incredible! – Four Seasons Oahu Management

I had a great time. I would enjoy coming to see the event again. – Disney Management

Very interesting and interactive; my girls enjoyed themselves; so did daddy. – Marriott Management

We have told many people about the good times we had with you in Ko Olina while we were here in Hawaii. I envy you the viewing conditions on the island. Thanks again for two fun evenings. – NASA Employee

The views through your eyepiece are incredibly clear and excellent. It brings out so many unseen stars. – Hubble Heritage Institute Employee

That was spectacular. You were an excellent source of information. – Public Speaker and Astronaut Consultant, as well as TV (X-Files) Series Writer and Actress

Private Star Shows

  • U.S. Army Schofield Barracks: Tropic Lightning
  • United Therapies
  • Life Technologies
  • UHA Health Insurance
  • Joseph Campbell Foundation
  • Olympic Gold Medalist and NBA All-Star
  • FreePort
  • SBB Research Group
  • Coleman Country Day Camp
Hello again, we wanted to thank you again for the great experience of watching the stars and planets yesterday. My son proclaimed that this was the best birthday present ever. My husband and I really enjoyed the show as well. We will be back with friends and family in the future. Thanks. – Ines Wells


Ambassador Talks

Contact Ambassador Greg for a FREE NASA Ambassador presentation on the universe. View our Past Speaking Venues.

Outreach and Charity

Contact Us regarding our charitable contributions. View our Community Outreach and Charity Page.

Private Star Shows

Contact Us for your private business, social, or personal event.

About Us / News

Learn more About Us, such as the star show and Ambassador Greg, including numerous news articles over the years.

In summary, hop on the starlight express and don’t get left light-years behind. Reserve your place in the universe today. Join the thousands of people of all ages from all over the world who have experienced the unbelievable, seeing the unseen as they had never seen it before. A time traveling journey across space and time, where romancing under the Stars Above Hawaii is your ticket to staying forever young! 

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