About Us


Rising Star – A Novelty Gift Shop was created by Stars Above Hawaii.  Stars Above Hawaii has been in business since 2007, and has been providing star shows on the beach at the Ko Olina Resort in Hawaii to people of all ages from all over the world.  Due to the demand for unique, rare and one-of-a-kind star products, this novelty gift shop was created.

Years ago, we started selling t-shirts and Hawaii star line books, so folks could learn and see the stars in Hawaii from their homes anywhere in the world.  We now provide more then just Hawaii star products, and have diversified our portfolio of star products into all areas of star-based and / or Hawaii-based items to offer from toys to clothing to jewelry, and more.  We also change out products periodically to keep the inventory fresh, so if you see that unique, rare, one-of-a-kind specialty item you want, best to grab it before the item is replaced with another item.

Keep looking up and always reach for the rising star !