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Ko Olina Resort

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Star Explorers!

Romancing the Stars on the Beach!

Seeing the Unseen!

Space is limited; and as such it is best to sign up early, so you don’t get left light-years behind.

  •  20,000 Star Explorers
    Growing Everyday !

  • All Ages
    1 to 100 !

  • From Every Corner
    of the World

Stars Above Hawaii is located in the Ko Olina Resort on the Island of Oahu and recognized around the world as Hawaii’s Gateway to the Stars for Evening Entertainment. The star shows are provided to people of all ages from all over the world and held at the various Ko Olina hotels and timeshares.

Highlighting Polynesian star navigation, Hawaii star lines, and the latest NASA discoveries throughout the universe, world-class professional star shows take place every evening by reservation, as well as private star show events throughout Hawaii by request.

1-Hour Star Shows at 8 pm and 9 pm Daily

Four Seasons Oahu at Ko Olina – Open to Public on Tuesdays and Fridays. Reserve directly with Four Seasons.  Preview Four Seasons Star Show location.

Marriott’s Ko Olina Beach Club – Open to Public on Mondays and Thursdays. Reserve here online or contact them directly. Preview Marriott’s Star Show location.

Aulani – A Disney Resort & Spa – Aulani Guests only on Wednesdays and Weekends. Reserve directly with Aulani. Preview Aulani Star Show location.

Ko Olina Beach Villas – Attend at either the Four Seasons or at the Marriott’s Ko Olina Beach Club by contacting them directly or reserve here online.

Military and kama’aina discounts available by request for online reservations only to attend at the Marriott location

At Stars Above Hawaii, located in the Ko Olina Resort, you may take that mini-vacation into space exploration that you have always wanted to do as a child, or romance under the stars with your loved one and surround yourself with diamond stars that last “forever,” or just join us as we explore the mysteries of the universe, seeing the unseen like you have never seen it before. At Stars Above Hawaii YOU are the star explorer, utilizing very large computerized GPS telescopes capable of seeing millions of lightyears back in time!

Hosted by NASA Ambassador,
Astronomer Greg McCartney

Stars Above Hawaii
Videos (YouTube) / Photos (FaceBook)


People of All Ages from All Over the World!

Private Star Shows

U.S. Army Schofield Barracks: Tropic Lightning; United Therapies; Life Technologies; UHA Health Insurance; Joseph Campbell Foundation; Olympic Gold Medalist and NBA All-Star; FreePort; COMCAST; SBB Research Group; Coleman Country Day Camp

Thank You Notes

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Polynesian Star Voyaging!

Hawaii Star Lines!

Customer Reviews
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I had a great time. I would enjoy coming to see the event again. – Disney Management

We have told many people about the good times we had with you in Ko Olina while we were here in Hawaii. I envy you the viewing conditions on the island. Thanks again for two fun evenings. – NASA Employee

The views through your eyepiece are incredibly clear and excellent. It brings out so many unseen stars. – Hubble Heritage Institute Employee

Very interesting and interactive; my girls enjoyed themselves; so did daddy. – Marriott Management

That was spectacular. You were an excellent source of information. – Public Speaker and Astronaut Consultant, as well as TV (X-Files) Series Writer and Actress

Ambassador Talks

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  • NASA Ambassador KROC 05-27-12
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Contact Ambassador Greg for a FREE NASA Ambassador presentation on the universe. View our Past Speaking Venues.


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  • Greg at American Heart Association Heart Ball

Contact Stars Above Hawaii if you would like us to support your charitable organization. View our Charity Page.

Private Star Shows

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Contact Stars Above Hawaii for your private business, social, or personal event.

About Us

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Learn more about
Stars Above Hawaii
and Ambassador Greg.

About Stars

About Stars Above Hawaii

Polynesian Star Voyaging / Hawaii Star Lines / Deep Space Astronomy

Owned and hosted by NASA Ambassador, Astronomer Greg McCartney

Located on the beach in the Ko Olina Resort, Island of Oahu, Hawaii

Tel: 808.291.2464
Fax: 1.800.745.1740
Mail: 92-1479 Aliinui Drive, Suite G
         Ko Olina, HI 96707-2244

Most Charitable Company in Hawaii
20-13, 14, 15: Hawaii Businesses Magazine

About Ambassador

About Ambassador Greg

Astronomer Greg McCartney has spent his entire life studying the stars above.  He is a mixture of Carl Sagan and Joseph Campbell intertwining his scientific knowledge of the universe with world cultural mythologies of the stars.

Greg has an academic background in space sciences and is a NASA Ambassador, as well as Council Member to the University of Hawaii – Friends of the Institute for Astronomy (IfA). He is also a member of the Polynesian Voyaging Society.

Greg not only hosts the Stars Above Hawaii star show programs, he is a frequent speaker to organizations throughout the State of Hawaii in his ambassador role; and he is a regular news writer on star-related topics.



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