Explore the Stars with Stars Above Hawaii

Stars Above Hawaii is your gateway to the stars at the Ko Olina Resort for evening entertainment.  People of all ages from all over the world have attended our world-class professional star shows.

Click Attend a Star Show to access more information about the star show, such as various reviews, photos, and videos; or if ready to lift off, click “Book Now” to reserve your place in the universe today! 

Please visit the Location and Parking page to know where your star show will be held at the resort and where to park if driving in from elsewhere.

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Starlight - Novelty Gift Shop

By popular demand from all our star exploring guests to the star show, we have opened up our gift shop.  

The gift shop focuses on star and Hawaii themed items.  

All the items in the Starlight Novelty Gift Shop are rare, unique, and one-of-a-kind; only found here, as we have designed most if not all our products ourselves!

Welcome to the Starlight Gift Shop !

Our signature item, the Hawaii Star Lines e-book, is purchased exclusively from Starbooks in the header menu. 

Stellar Gallery of Stars

Below are mind blowing example views of what YOU WILL SEE at the star show!  Views vary by seasons.

Omega Star Cluster
Whirlpool Galaxy Merger
Sombrero Galaxy
Lagoon Nebula
Irregular Galaxy
Sagittarius Star Cloud
Corporate Star Party
Star Explorers

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We appreciate your interest and passion for the stars

Reaching for the Maui Fishhook
Reaching for the Maui Fishhook

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