Stars Above Hawaii

Hawaii’s Gateway to the Stars

Ko Olina Resort

Four Seasons Oahu

Open to Public

Tuesdays & Fridays
8 & 9 PM

Aulani, Disney Resort

In-House Guests Only

Wed., Thurs., Sat., Sun.
8 & 9 PM

Marriott Beach Club

Open to Public

8, 9, & 10 PM

Over 50,000 Star Explorers

Join the thousands of people of all ages from all over the world exploring the mysteries of the universe each evening in wonder and awe at Stars Above Hawaii, as we travel light years through time and space, surrounding ourselves with stars that shine like diamonds forever . . .

Community Charity

Stars Above Hawaii provides Community Charity Support to a variety of non-profit organizations, such as schools, rotary clubs and more.  A complete listing can be reviewed at link below.

Stars Above Hawaii is consistently ranked as one of Hawaii’s Most Charitable Companies in ALL Hawaii.  Keep looking up and always reach for the stars!


Spectacular. Truly amazing! Just incredible! – Four Seasons Oahu Management

I had a great time. I would enjoy coming to see the event again. – Disney Management

Very interesting and interactive; my girls enjoyed themselves; so did daddy. – Marriott Management

We have told many people about the good times we had with you in Ko Olina while we were here in Hawaii. I envy you the viewing conditions on the island. Thanks again for two fun evenings. – NASA Employee

The views through your eyepiece are incredibly clear and excellent. It brings out so many unseen stars. – Hubble Heritage Institute Employee

That was spectacular. You were an excellent source of information. – Public Speaker and Astronaut Consultant, as well as TV (X-Files) Series Writer and Actress


Aulani, Tourist, Star Gazing, Experience, Fun


Join an expert astronomer, Greg McCartney, on a laser guided stargazing tour highlighting Polynesian Hawaii Star Lines on the beach at Ko Olina Resort; Evening fun for everyone of all ages from all over the world!  Star tours take place at the Disney Aulani, Four Seasons Oahu, and Marriott’s Ko Olina Beach Club.