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Frequently Asked Questions to the Star Show and More

How do I sign up for the star show?

Glad you asked.  You can Book Now here.

Is there parking available at the star show?


    • Free at the beach lagoons before sunset;
    • Free at Roy’s restaurant parking area (best to enjoy eating there; a 15 minute walk to star show location);
    • Free also if you eat at the Four Seasons hotel Mina’s Fish House to enjoy a sunset dinner and have the restaurant validate your parking ticket
    • $3 to $7 prorated for up to 3 hours at the shopping center parking lot meters across the street from the hotels (a 10 minute walk to star show location); 
    • Four Seasons Hotel valet parking for a reduced fee (50% off for $20); and
    • Parking next door at Aulani, Disney Hotel (Between $22 – $30 for up to 2-hours prorated)

Where is the star show location? 

  • All public star shows take place at the Four Seasons Oahu Resort & Spa in the Ko Olina Resort
  • The star show will take place at one of two locations, both within a 5 minute walk of each other on the Four Seasons property.  You will either be on the:
    • Ocean Lawn fronting the ocean adjacent to the adult infinity pool, or
    • Rooftop of the Spa on the tennis courts (this is a separate building from the hotel, and is attached to the hotel parking lot structure)
  • Visit our star show location page where we have a calendar that identifies where the star show will take place in the current month.  You will also receive a text on the day of your star show in mid-to-late evening informing you of where to go.

If you are staying at the Aulani, Disney Resort & Spa Hotel, you may attend their in-house guests only star show on their property by signing up with them directly at their Pau Hana Community Hall activities room.